Free printable Kids Picture Books with matching audio. printable children's books for use in your classroom or at home. Print and read these books to your kids, or teach them how to read with these fun, simple books. Each book has a matching audio narration mp3. You can also read the books online with the online reader.

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The books are made to be printed and used either as a big board book, or cut and folded to make a small individual book. Click on a Book cover to be directed to the page with the free downloadable book pdf, matching audio, and the readable online book. More books are coming soon, so please check back often!

Free Fruit Book: I Like Apples

New To Classic Stories and Fairytales!
All stories have printable pdfs and downloadable mp3's. I will be adding many more stories and fairy tales soon, so please check back.

The Sleeping Beauty

Little Red Riding Hood

The Princess and The Pea by Hans Christian Andersen

User Agreement:
You are free to download and print any book for personal or educational use. Books may not be sold, and please link directly to the web page with the book if you would like to link to us, not to the book file. Posting the books or audio files on another website in any form is a violation of International copyright laws. Thank you for your cooperation and happy reading!

10 Tips for improving your child's reading ability:

1. Read with and to your child everyday.
2. Teach them how to read slowly by first teaching them their name and helping them recognize that letters form a word.

3. Use phonics to promote phonetic awareness (that letters represent sounds).

4. Be patient.

5. Play with them, play catch, go to the park, and say the names of things as you go along.

6. Sing often with your child.

7. Read in front of your child. Children love to imitate their parents.

8. Let them choose the books they want to read with you.

9. As you read with your children, first read the sentences, and ask them to repeat after you.

10. Praise your child for their progress, even a little praise goes along way.

We welcome your comments, please feel free to contact me at matt (at) replace (at) with @ sign. Thank you!

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